Taylor Swift meets Pixie Lott: Dance/Pop beats harking love, innocence, and sweet romance. Placed with the right artist, Almost Home is sure to be a summer hit…

Comments in response to an early pre-production demo of Almost Home:

“Thank you so much for the song. Really nice..”
(Sony Music Greece - Alpha TV ranked Mando the 23rd top-certified female artist Greek music history. Five gold records.)

“I think melodically, Almost Home is pretty strong”
Joe Iddison
(A&R co-ordinator, RCA, Sony Music – commenting on an early pre-production demo of Almost Home)

“I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the production, composition and lyrics”
Trisha Cafrine
(Peer Music)

Rihanna meets Example: Club/Dance production – soaring vocal melodies, intense emotion, this track perfectly showcases powerful female vocal capabilities. Placed with a strong female vocal artist this track is sure to be an Ibiza classic with the pop potential to simultaneously generate mainstream chart success.